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FPS Animation Blueprint v2

Customisation - Adding Weapons

Version 2.1

For Version 2.0, Click Here

Weapons can be easily added using Data Assets. Below is a guide to creating a new data asset. Customising Animations and Base Poses will come next.

Adding a New Weapon

Data Assets Explained

Adding a new weapon is very simple. Navigate to /Blueprints/DataAssets/Weapons/Guns. Weapons, along with other items, and contained within Data Assets. The blueprint class defines the variables and functions available to the weapon, and the red Data Assets are the “objects” you will reference for each weapon. These are similar to regular UObjects in many ways, but do not need to be created and references to them will persist between sessions, as all Data Assets are contained within the Data Registry in Project Settings.



Creating a New Weapon Data Asset


To create a new weapon, simply create a new Data Asset of the FPS_PDA_GunBase, under Miscellaneous > Data Asset. Alternatively, you can duplicate an existing data asset.



To create an SMG, for example, a good approach would be to duplicate the Rifle Data Asset, as only a few values would need to be changed.

After opening your new weapon, you will have a large list of variables that can be changed to your liking. The main ones to focus on are:


Gun Class

The Actor class the weapon will use when spawned. Most weapons can get away with using the base class, unless they require any function extensions or overrides (like the shotgun).

Animation Data > AttachSocket

The bone or socket the weapon will attach to. Ik_hand_gun is the default; however weapon meshes that are rotated incorrectly can instead use a socket on ik_hand_gun with a rotation applied to correct this.

Animation Data > RightHandPoseCorrectionTransform

A quick fix for weapon position on screen.

Animation Data > Animation Preset

A quick selection preset of character animations you can use if you have multiple weapons using the same animation sets.

Animation Data > Animation Overrides 

Individual animations can be set here per weapon that will override the matching animation in the animation preset. Useful for things like unique reloads for special weapons, for example.

Animation Data > Weapon Animation Set

The animations that will play on the weapon mesh itself.


Lists the default attachments for this weapon, and the bones/sockets they attach to. Also includes options to restrict certain attachment types and individual attachments from this weapon. Note that every weapon requires a default magazine attachment to provide the base magazine size and (optional) magazine mesh.

Reload and Ammo

Ammo Type

Choose an Ammo Category for this weapon. Determines what type of ammo can be used.

Reload Type

Decide the style of reload for this weapon. Weapons that reload 1 round at a time in a loop should choose Staged and have a suitable looping reload montage.

Current Ammo 

For new weapons, this is the starting ammo in the magazine.

Ammo to Reload per Stage

The amount of ammo to reload for each reload loop in Staged reloads. Ignored for Standard reloads.

Firing and Projectiles

Projectile Class Type

Choose between hitscan or projectile shots.

Projectile Data Asset

Choose the projectile class. Hitscan shots share this class.

Available Fire Modes

Choose at least one Fire Mode this weapon can use. Choosing multiple allows the weapon to switch.


Weapon Type

Choose the type of weapon from an Enum list. Mostly for categorization now.

Item Data

Display Name

The Name that shows in the UI.

Main Skeletal Mesh

The Mesh used by the weapon.


Setting Up Your Weapon Mesh

There are a few things you may have to do to get your weapon mesh working correctly. First, you will need to add sockets for a few purposes if your weapon skeleton does not already contain them.



This is the point that Sights Attachments will attach to. This is needed for sights to not default to the root bone.


This is the point that will align with the crosshair. All weapon and Sights meshes need this.


This is the point at which projectile and hitscan shots are spawned, and where muzzle attachments are attached. Muzzle attachments also need a muzzle socket.


This is optional, and only needed if your mesh uses a separate magazine mesh. In most cases, a weapon that does this will have its own bone for this however, so you can instead change the Attach Point name for magazine attachments in your weapon's Data Asset rather than use this socket.


This is used to center the Pivot Point used for the weapon in the Attachments menu, and to attach collision and other components to weapon pickups.


This is optional, and only needed if your weapon is using a 3D widget display.

Testing your New Weapon

Once you have configured your weapon, you can select it in a weapon pickup to test it out


You can choose a Gun's Data Asset in a weapon pickup's settings in the world or on spawn

Data Assets Explained
Creatin a Data Asset
Testing Your New Weapon
Setting Up Your Mesh
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