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FPS Animation Blueprint v2

Customisation - Character Meshes

The character mesh, by default, is split into three parts: The head, arms, and body. This is so the head can be hidden from the player while still being able to cast shadows, and so the arms and anything they’re holding can be set to render at their own FOV or on top of everything else.

While this rendering functionality is not included in FPS AnimBP at this time, you can find an excellent asset on the Marketplace that will provide this by Krystian Komisarek called Weapon FOV here:

Changing Character Mesh

Changing the Meshes


To change your character mesh, open BP_FPS_Character, and change the Skeletal Mesh on each of the three Character Mesh components: Mesh (Inherited), MeshHead and MeshArms.


The default Input Axis names have changed from UE4 to UE5


If this is the case, you will just need to replace the Input Axis events in the Green “Movement Input” section on the Event Graph inside BP_FPS_Character located in the Blueprints folder.



IMPORTANT NOTE: Your meshes must be skinned to a skeleton that includes the mannequin’s IK bones. These are:






Changing Character Mesh
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