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FPS Animation Blueprint - Patch Notes

version 2.1.1 - 19 December 2022


  • Add support for both static and skeletal meshes for all attachment types

    • Previously this was only supported on sights attachments

  • Replaced individual Get X Mesh functions for each attachment with a single parent function for all attachment types with improved component validation

  • Added new override function for attachments to retrieve a special socket name to be paired with the attachment mesh

    • This includes the muzzle's Bullet Spawn Point and the sights' Crosshair Alignment Point

  • Added a Control Rig for the character mesh that can be used in Sequencer (UE5 only)

  • Added a new function to apply different projectile impact decals and sound effects based on the Physical Material of the hit surface

  • Added dynamic spawning of the MenuPawn when the Inventory Menu is opened and closed

    • This prevents the need to manually place the MenuPawn in the level, and improves gameplay performance

    • A safe spawn location vector will need to be chosen in W_InventoryMenu that suits your level so that the MenuPawn spawns out of the way and free of obstacles

  • Added the option to scale attachments based on weapon type

    • These are set in the attachment's Data Asset per weapon type

    • Any weapon type not included will default to 1,1,1


  • Updated the collision settings for the targets in the target range

  • Updated the collision settings for the Pawn and CharacterMesh channels

  • Removed several unused files and blueprint code throughout the asset

  • Tweaked the Fire Jitter settings for all weapons for a more dynamic feel while firing

  • Changed projectile logic for better control over collision, gravity and in future, penetration

  • Made some changes to the camera recoil on weapon fire to improve the feel of the pitch return if the player is moving the camera

  • Adjusted Default Grenade collision size and bounce behaviour

  • Adjusted the sightsCenter location on the Pistol mesh

  • Updated BP_Footstep_Notify with the new method of selecting sounds via Physical Material

  • Updated some projectile settings to suit the new projectile logic



  • Fixed an issue where static meshes on sights attachments failed to be set correctly

  • Fixed an issue where the error from an invalid static attachment mesh failed to retrieve the static mesh name

  • Fixed an issue where projectiles would fail to collide with actor components with the Pawn collision channel, such as enemies

  • Fixed an issue with decal application on skeletal meshes by hooking up the Hit Bone Name from the Impact Result to the AttachPointName when spawning the decal

  • Added example Physical Materials to Project Settings, preventing the footstep AnimNotify from producing a warning about missing Physical Materials

    • These are Default, Concrete, Metal and Rubber

  • Fixed an issue in UE 5.1 that caused W_SettingsMenu to need to be recompiled each time the project is opened

  • Fixed an issue where the ammo spawner failed to spawn any ammo in UE 5.1

    • The Asset Registry getter functions have been updated in UE 5.1 with different inputs, causing the function that retrieved the ammo Data Assets to return an empty array

    • A new method of selecting a random ammo type has been implemented

  • Fixed an issue where weapons would sometimes fail to play the correct fire sound when a silencer attachment was re-equipped

  • Fixed an issue where the included Physical Materials were set the to incorrect Surface Types

  • Fixed an issue where the IsMeleeing check would always return false while unarmed

  • Fixed an issue where opening a fresh copy of the project in UE4 would create a 2.0 project rather than 2.1

    • This was an error in the approval process, and is fixed by the submission of this update

version 2.1 - 8 DECEMBER 2022



  • Improved memory management and blueprint memory footprints by changing various audio and animation references in structs and Data Assets to Soft Object References

    • Assets are now loaded only when needed, rather than being loaded at all times on open/startup

  • New bullet tracer Niagara emitters for hitscan and projectile rounds

    • Cleaner appearance and more accurate visual collision

  • Added support for animations made with ik_hand_gun attached to hand_r without any fixing or manual work required

    • As most animations from external sources such as the Marketplace are made like this, this should greatly improve the workflow for adding animations not made specifically for this asset

  • Added support for sockets as the Weapon Attach Socket that are offset from the parent bone

    • Currently ik_hand_gun is still recommended as the socket's parent bone in order for ADS and Lags/Leans/Sways (LLS) systems to function correctly

  • Added support for weapon meshes with root bones that are not at 0,0,0

    • This is a rare issue, but one I have encountered with some weapons on the marketplace. Animations and ADS should now work with these out of the box

  • Added support for sights with different rotations

    • The weapon and hands now rotate/tilt to align the sights location and rotation to the crosshair

  • Added support for static meshes in Sights Attachments

    • Now either static or skeletal meshes may be used, with skeletal meshes being given priority

  • Changed the character's spine rotation from a math based procedural solution to an AimOffset

    • This makes it easier to use and potentially easier to replicate, and may open the door to selecting multiple spine poses based on movement state in a future update

  • Rewritten Turn in Place system for much better and more consistent turn behaviour

  • Added Foot IK for reactive foot placement on uneven or sloped surfaces (UE5 version only)

  • Added a basic system for detecting the physical surface the player is stepping on to play different footstep sounds



  • Changed Projectile collision profile from block to overlap other projectiles for increased flexibility in handling cross projectile collision

  • Changed PrintErrorMessage to DisplayErrorMessage to prevent it from taking priority over PrintString when searching the Action menu

  • Removed AnimationData from ST_GunData, and added it to FPS_PDA_GunBase instead

  • Removed DefaultMagazineAttachment variable for better clarity regarding default attachment settings

  • FPS_PDA_GunBase's Attachments struct variable has been renamed DefaultAttachments, and should be used instead

  • Any attachment slot may now have a default attachment specified and retrieved via the GetDefaultGunData function

  • Added a scalar to the procedural forward lean while moving so it falls off as the player looks further up/down to prevent strange or uninintended spine rotation

  • Sped up the camera FOV change when sprinting to make it feel more impactful, and added a variable to adjust it more easily

  • Added an easy to find variable for the maximum number of jumps the player can perform



  • Fixed typos found throughout the project

  • Fixed the CameraAnimationMesh's relative location vector not being rotated to account for its relative rotation when getting the camera offset from the head bone for the weapon position adjustment transform

  • Added check for current Ammo Type and Active Equipped Weapon validity in ReceiveAmmo for the HUD update function to prevent null pointers and unnecessary update calls for non-active weapons

  • Changed the player character's Capsule Component's collision to ignore projectiles to prevent unintended collision with their own bullets/grenades, and for more accurate collision from enemy projectiles using the character skeletal mesh

  • Fixed an issue that would allow disallowed attachments to be equipped on weapons in certain circumstances. Applied the fixed function where necessary to the weapon and pickup classes

  • Fixed an issue where loading the weapon inventory from a save file would cause incorrect shadow settings on weapon meshes

  • Fixed an issue where weapons with staged reloads and unlimited reserves reloaded the full amount all at once

  • Added attenuation to the hitscan ImpactSound so the audio falls off correctly over distance

  • Added a blocking hit check to ShootTrace to prevent erroneous decals/sounds when a hitscan shot didn't hit an object

  • Removed a duplicate DropOffCurve variable in FPS_PDA_GunBase

  • Fixed the incorrect rotation of the sightsCenter socket on the Rifle mesh that became a problem now that sights rotation is factored into the ADS position calculation

  • Fixed an issue where bullet impact decals would fail to show in certain situations, and increased their fade distance

  • Removed some unneeded files, variables and functions throughout the project

  • Some performance optimisations have been made in a few functions

version 2.0.1 - 5 May 2022



  • Added a brand new map built for UE5 with a refreshed design and vastly improved visuals

  • Lumen, Nanite, and Virtual Shadow maps are now all enabled by default in project settings

  • Some basic environmental effects have been added, as well as a switch to change the indoor room theme, just for fun

  • Preliminary work has been done prepare for the addition of out of the box support for the new Manny and Quinn mannequins. A complete implementation will come in a later update.

  • Gave the UE4 map a slight visual update, with improved lighting and some updated materials

  • Added Muzzle Flash particle, Unlimited Magazine and Unlimited Reserves options to the Gun Data Asset with respective functionality

  • Added an option to the Attachment Data Asset to set the Scale Rule while attaching to the weapon mesh

  • Added a new Shooting Range actor that automatically populates the specified volume with a chosen arrangement of targets

  • Adjusted pistol and rifle accuracy



  • Adjusted blend sample positions in the body walk/run blend space to eliminate some weird blends

  • Fixed an issue where weapons with staged reloads could interrupt a reload by firing while the magazine was empty

  • Fixed an issue where the movement additives were playing over the melee and grenade throw montages while unarmed, resulting in odd left arm movement

  • Fixed an issue where no ledge climb animation played on the arms while unarmed

  • Fixed incorrect base pose references in some additive animations

  • Fixed an issue where the default ammo reserves on a new game was not being set correctly

  • Removed some unused animation poses

  • Fixed the BodyWalk_BR animation with mistimed foot rotation

  • Fixed an issue where projectiles not spawned from a weapon were trying to access a weapon Data Asset

  • Added missing footstep notifies to diagonal body walk/run cycles

  • Fixed a typo

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